27 thoughts on “X – Men Timeline Explain | Hindi”

  1. DON,T Be Confused . Its Not A Rocket Science
    (1) – When Mystique kill Trask A New Timeline Enter and Old Timeline was just Vanished/ Disappear .
    so Now all Movies are part of New Timeline like New mutant , X-Men Apocalypse , Deadpoll , X-Men dark Phoenix and logan .
    Its so Easy so simple

  2. Apocalypse ke last mai post credit scene Mai wolverine ka blood sample dikhaate hai Essex Corp nam ki company aur ye hint hai aage jaake mr.sinister ka

  3. Let me clear this..there will be 2 parts of dark Phoenix Saga (total 2 movies) all the actors have signed for 2 movie contract the original cut of movie have different story, scenes and there are some more characters also. But after the Disney fox deal..the storyline have been changed. Due to this director and actors has been called for reshoot and some characters isn't have their scene in new cut of the movie the Aliens you've seen in movie they are skrulls but due to deal they change them. Deal ruin everything fox have been forced to change the story that's why you see too many story plots..they don't even show the quicksilver and magneto crossovers… If the deal isn't done.. You will see the best xmen movie..and there are upcoming project also like #Gambit, #X23, #Xforce , #deadpool3, #Multipleman #kittyPrade and there will also a movie which explains how the mutants die before the #Logan movie. But the deal ruin everything and these projects has been cancelled by Disney and they've also cancelled the seasons of Xmen TV shows 1) #LegionSeason4 and 2) #TheGiftedSeason3 don't blame fox for this..Disney ruin this..hope you will understand..And now The New mutants has been delayed 1 more year by Disney.
    Disney And MCU criticised and Ruin The X-men franchise so they don't have to face competition with another Universe. They are already facing competition with DC universe. MCU changed the main origin of Scarlet witch and quicksilver. Yes You Can modify story because its not possible to show everything written in comics but You can't change the story, the origin of a character and powers of the character. Thats why I hate Disney And MCU..Disney will never gonna give R-Rated xmen movies. So they can earn more profit. Disney doesn't care about about character and story they just want money..


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