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  1. as a gamer neenga gamer a support pannreenga okay….. aana as a human being neenga yaara bro support pannuveenga?? toxic aa asingama girls pathi pesi romba kevalama behave panra madan bro ka?? naan onnum neenga biriyani man ku support pannunga nu sollave illa konjam yosithu parunganu thaan naan solla varen

  2. Dei dubukku, Madan than loosu koothi maari vaaiku vanthathelam live la pesuran na nee avan ah sootha mooditu irukka sollirukanum. Ok va. Stream la ketta varthai pesurathu ok but Madan limit ku meeri pesuran. Dei dubukku nee sonna antha alpa views kaga than avan ketta varthai pesuran. Oru thappu nadantha ellarum kekka than seivanga. Madan ku support panni video pota naraya channels yenda comments off pannirukanga?. Madan kooda avan channel la comments off pannitan. Ithapaaru ithe maari puluthi aatom Madan pesitu irunthan ah avan yaarukittayavathu semaya vanguvan, avan kitta solli vei.

  3. Alpamaana views kaaga va, Apo neenga indha video podradhu mattum views ah varakudaadhu na poduvinga? Look youtube is social media people will Criticize you when you're famous, as a matter of fact, you should ignore criticism if you reply to them again and again, then there is no difference between you and the one who criticizes you if you don't want anybody to talk about, then you should probably quit YouTube, First of all, Oru Healthy community build pannunga, You're supporting Madan as a gamer, I agree to that, But is he a good influence? He is talking rubbish, you guys are saying he used bad words against the girl because she told something bad about him in the chat, can't he ignore the chat? or can't the moderators just remove it? Even If it triggered him so much, Can't he just do it without body-shaming?? and you all are supporting him, First of all, I say it's His teammates and viewers fault for what he has become now, If only his teammates and his viewers insisted him not to use bad words, he would never speak bad words once again and would have become a great YouTuber than now just with his gameplay, Don't think as his fans, Look as a commoner and check whether he is speaking right or wrong, then decide to support him, Just don't support him blindly, And Just don't come and say unaku madan na pathi theriyuma, of course I know, I watch his stream, That's why i'm talking about this, he is a very good player, but has a pretty Poor bad character, and without a good character he is nothing literally nothing, so reconsider and think in a proper way, Think as a general audience not as a fan

  4. Hi vaadhi bro.
    oru chinna Doupt Appo subs athigama irukka youtubers ethvathu thappu pannuna Avangaluku equal place la irukka youtubers um keakka mattenga!!! chinna youtubers pesuna Views and subs venum nu pesuran nu solli Pesunavanga mela hate ah kilappi vida vendiyathu…… Appo yar than da pesanum???

  5. Avar gameing pathe sola bad words pasunaru atha tha Sona ru Avan lusu paya iepade la pasura oaga v2la Ola vagalta iepade pasuna ok va soluga iepa lusu Ku Mari pasura Avan support panrega


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