This Doctor Was Beaten Up For Doing His Job | Nijo Jonson | Motivational Video

Doctors are there to save our lives and help us live better. Sometimes things aren’t in the control of doctors and we can’t punish them like this for it.


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Storyteller: Nijo Jonson
Director: Karun Anand
Cinematography: Karun Anand
Script: Nijo Jonson
Editor: Vishal Singla
Channel Manager: Vivek Rajput

Nijo Jonson
Vivek Rajput
Karun Anand
Dakshi Lamba
Kajal Tanwar

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33 thoughts on “This Doctor Was Beaten Up For Doing His Job | Nijo Jonson | Motivational Video”

  1. Nice concept rather it's a real fact …. people r not understanding situation of a doctor they have been doing their level best to save people … all docs are not same irresponsible insensitive…… Please do co operate with them

  2. Here a crew is highlighting a serious issue but people are judging them by their acting skill…… Actually sir your acting skill is not bad, it's may be the prblm of their eyesight…….. The media is calm, coz it's a matter of an ordinary doctor neither a star nor a politician…..

    How can someone beat one who is struggling to save others life irrespective of their own life……. Not only a single doctor, but each n every one is coming forward to save others life is consider to be a God, but no how can this be possible!!!!

  3. Well done sir u have raised a very good issue 👏 thank you for recognizing our state . I'm 4m assam & today I think everyone should be responsible coz doctors are also humans so as nurses and each of the employees who serves us for our betterment. Hats off to them 🙏


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