22 thoughts on “Motivation / When It Hurts!”

  1. I listen to this alot. When i first began listening to it i was healthy i listened i started my own dog grooming business. Fast forward 2 years i am wheelchair bound and bed bound due to life long illnesses. I began to listen to this and you give me strength. I came from hell, but like you said i wasnt made there. And right now when i can quit, you know what im doing? Im starting another business one i can do in a wheelchair. I will be going into voice over work. This video is my anthem.

    Thank you coach pain

  2. I love this video. It brings me discipline. God bless you for doing this, These videos impacted my everyday routine. Makes me confident and independent and also have a fresh perspective of life

  3. It hurts it really does … It feels like GOD is making me a diamond 💎
    It hurts that I am running this race alone
    It hurts that others didn’t make it
    It hurts that others didn’t make the effort and already gave up
    It hurts the words of haters and bullies and non supporters
    That’s life, that’s the gift 🎁 of being alive, GOD has needing of me where I am so here I go 💪🏼

  4. It's hurts…. What hurts the most is the suffering that it will become because we doubt ourself and there they are now hating on others because someone did it and not them….

  5. brother goin through some real hard times right now and ive been at the breaking point. i been at the give up point. its so hard. but this really helped me man. i cant stop trying. i cant quit. im breathing.

  6. Amazing Job! I hadn’t listened to Motivational videos in quite some time. I got more into sales videos and audio books. What’s your background? I bet it’s a good one. I can’t wait to listen to your book one day. I’m glad I found 🙏🏽you🙏🏽


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