Monsters At Work | Official Trailer | Disney+

This summer, meet the M.I.F.T. crew for all of your Laugh Floor maintenance needs! #MonstersAtWork, an all-new Original Series, starts streaming on its new date, Wednesday, July 7 on #DisneyPlus.

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48 thoughts on “Monsters At Work | Official Trailer | Disney+”

  1. I'm hoping for some episodes where we can see some Monsters University characters like Dean Hardscrabble or Johnny Worthington. It would be specially interesting to see Mike's old rival reacting to his success and this new laugh industry.

  2. cool and all but remember, this is the first genuine effort in years to make a Monsters inc series/ film, If they dont have one boo scene, or at least a mention of her, that is a real shame and waste, in my opinion at least. ofcourse I doubt they'd put such a big character in the trailer…

  3. This is so exciting especially with the original voice cast of Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Jennifer Tilly, Bob Peterson and John Ratzenberger reprising their roles from the film and New cast members like Ben Feldman, Mindy Kaling and Henry Winkler.

    On top of that, many of the crew members who worked on Tangled the Series also are working on Monsters at Work according to Isaac Carlson (Wotso Videos).

  4. So excited for this! Love the unique designs for all the new monsters. I like how Pixar is knows people have been wanting a movie sequel so they're giving us a series back into the monster world to please the fans!

  5. 1:23

    Mike Wazowski: Roz, my tender, oozing blossom, you're, looking fabulous today. Is that a new haircut? Tell me. It's got to be a new haircut.
    New makeup?
    You had a lift?
    You had a tuck?
    Something has been inserted into your skin, that makes you…

    …have my heart go…

    …alright, let's be honest, you looked worse.

    Roz: Slams the shutter door on Mike's fingers.



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