KURUP | Dulquer Salmaan | Srinath Rajendran | Trailer Reaction!

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46 thoughts on “KURUP | Dulquer Salmaan | Srinath Rajendran | Trailer Reaction!”

  1. He is most wanted criminal of Kerala since 1984 jaby.. He even faked his death by burning a poor man in a car for the death insurance money.. We can't glorify him.. But as a movie its well maid..

  2. Sukumara Kurup  is an Indian Fugitive and is one of the most-wanted criminals in the Indian state of Kerala. In 1984, he was accused of murder and faking his own death and tried to deceive authorities and police with a plot to portray Chacko's(That Air force Guy In The Trailer)dead body as his own dead body, to collect insurance money around ₹8 lakh INR..

  3. Kurup had a good job in Dubai but he became greedy so he killed a innocent man that he doesn't know and have no reason to hate for insurance money, there is no way we can justify him

  4. It is said that, Kurup claimed his insurance money by killing someone else who has a resemblance to his identity and he claimed all that money. That's what he is famous for. The family of the person who was killed – still lives. It is also said that Kurup is living somewhere, maybe among us. What if he watches this movie in a different identity?! I grew up hearing stories about him.

  5. My mother and I saw Kurup; Anger at Dulquar has changed: says Jitin, Chacko's son

    Dulquar's 'Kurup' is a much awaited movie by the audience. The movie will hit theaters on November 12. The film based on the life of Sukumara Kurup, the infamous Pitikittappulli in Kerala, has been the talk of the town since the day of its announcement. When Sukumara Kurup's name is celebrated, there is a mother and son who lived with all the sorrows in their minds with pain. Chacko's wife Shantamma and son Jith, who was just six months old when his father died. Jitin says that Kurup should be seen by everyone. Jithin tells India Today that there is a lot that the world needs to know about the film and that unnecessary controversies about the film should be avoided.

    "When I first heard that a movie called Kurup starring Dulquar Salman was coming out, there was a lot of tension. Anger and sadness increased when he came to know that Dulquer Salman, who is much admired, is playing the role. When the teaser came out later it was confirmed that this is a movie that justifies a killer.

    Kurup's activists are calling for a case against the film. She said that this is not a film that will ever justify Kurup. They promised to show us the movie to convince us of that. So we went to Ernakulam and saw the movie.

    Mom and I don't talk about dad. What happened that day is not something we need to remember. I have learned about this from reading newspapers and magazines. There is more to it than just what I realized when I saw that movie. That's all the world needs to know. The film does not make Sukumara Kurippu a hero or distort the story. The film is completely realistic.

    After watching the movie, all the anger I had towards them changed. Unnecessary controversy could have been avoided if they had understood what was meant by this film in the first place. They accepted our demand.

    I'm really happy after watching the movie. There are a lot of things in this movie that not only I but the world needs to know. My only demand was that my father 's killer should not be a hero in front of the society tomorrow. When I saw the movie, I realized that it was not there. '' – says Jitin.

    Written by Jithin K Jose, the film is scripted and narrated by Daniel Soyuz Nair and KS Aravind. The heroine of the movie is Shobhitha Dhulipala who made her Malayalam debut with the movie Moothon. The film also stars Indrajith Sukumaran, Sunny Wayne, Shine Tom Chacko, Vijayaraghavan, P Balachandran, Surabhi Lakshmi and Shivajith Padmanabhan.

    On January 22, 1984, Sukumara Kurup, a relative and driver, joined NJ. Chacko, a film representative, was burnt to death in a car near Mavelikkara hill. The motive behind the murder was to extort Rs 8 lakh in insurance money from a company he worked for in the Gulf under the false pretense that he was dead.

    Chacko, who was waiting for the bus to go to Alappuzha, was strangled to death by Sukumara Kurup, who had put him in a car saying that he would give him a lift. Chacko was on his way to collect collection information at Sreehari Talkies at Karuvatta TB Junction. Sukumara was caught by Kurup while waiting for his vehicle to reach his pregnant wife Shantamma.

    Police later arrested two aides who had helped Sukumara Kurup in the murder. They were sentenced to life imprisonment but Sukumara Kurup was not found. He was eventually declared a fugitive. Sukumara Kurup would be 75 years old if he were alive.


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