John Cullen's 80th Anniversary: Are Social Engineers Manipulating the News to Control History?

John Cullen details the methodology of malicious social engineers intent on cratering Crowdsource the Truth.

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13 thoughts on “John Cullen's 80th Anniversary: Are Social Engineers Manipulating the News to Control History?”

  1. Very interesting as always, in particular the government spray programs. I would like to see more on this subject. There was also a spray program called "Operation LAC," or, (Large Area coverage) that covered multiple states, not to mention the black housing area called Puitt-Igoe (which was a mass housing/social engineering project between the 1950's-the 1970's. There was also a project called Project SHAD, which was a spray program off the coast of California from the decks of naval ships. Whenever someone balks at the chemtrail phenomenon, I love to assail them with these PROVABLE instances of government spraying not only with chemical agents, but also with radiological agents, and biological agents, ON THE RECORD so that they are without excuse!!! PS, that was also interesting about the social engineer that utilized and possibly trained his "students" in the "art" of street theater, which is a phenomenon I've unfortunately had used against me as well. The more we expose these social engineer SCUM, the less they will be able to commit these acts, and/or any acts at all! They will be LUCKY if their sorry asses make it to prison!!!

  2. Yes they are. Social psychologists command what you're told by government, education, medicine, churches and media. They know… Pay attention to this guy, he was on BBC before the first lock down spitting blood and going on about how he would make everybody comply. Title of the video here on youtube to look for: 'Professor Stephen Reicher on obedience', published Oct 12, 2018.

  3. You've both been absolutely killin' it lately! Thanks for keeping us up to date with the latest and most relevant information. You guys never fail to deliver the goods! 👍😎


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