Guess the Music Video from 1 Random Frame

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A sequel to our 3 frames video! We see ONE frame from a music video and have to guess what music video it is. 1 point for each correct answer. Riley vs. Dignan vs. you yes YOU

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PS this video was filmed on Friday November 5th prior to the tragic events at Astroworld, so if the jokes in the travis scott section come off as unaware or insensitive, that’s why. Our hearts go out to anyone affected.


29 thoughts on “Guess the Music Video from 1 Random Frame”

  1. i’ll play as i watch the video

    1.) CORSO – Tyler the creator
    2.) Fade – Kanye West
    3.) No idea…
    4.) No idea…
    5.) Walk – Comethazine
    6.) No idea…
    7.) No Idea…
    8.) No idea…
    9.) Goosebumps – Travis Scott
    10.) No idea…
    11.) This is America – Childish Gambino
    12.) No Idea…
    13.) L$D – A$AP Rocky

  2. i always plug my hdmi into my tv just to see if dignan sweats just like graydon and im like taking notes during the whole video to make a documentary out of this specific content


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