DJ Tips: How to download, prepare, and organize your music for a GIG (BPM SUPREME)

VLOG 242 – DJ Tips: How to download, prepare, and organize your music for a GIG w/ BPM Supreme | DJ Record Pool | Music for DJs

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42 thoughts on “DJ Tips: How to download, prepare, and organize your music for a GIG (BPM SUPREME)”

  1. I know I’m late but, now there is a batch button. Is that the same as “crate button”? If so how do I use the batch button ? I have over 300+ songs on the batch. And I need to download the whole batch, aka “crate”. I need help please

  2. there is NOT enough hit music on this site.. sorting through everyones remixes of a song to find the right song sucks. i bought a pro membership to try it out fully but.. nope. now i know why the dude who made the video was so surprised everytime he found something.

  3. If I pay a monthly subscription to for example soundcloud or beatport etc, will that allow me to take any track from there and use it in rekordbox to record live mixes also will it fully allow me to save all this music to a usb for my own use?

  4. I was wondering If you can help me I have a lot of music video and my MacBook Pro 2013 is starting to slow down when I load video tracks what should I add a ssd I don't know I need a lot of memory like 4TB what do u recommend ?


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