24 thoughts on “DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT Teaser Trailer – 2021 – 4K”

  1. You participate in the shared project of reconnecting America by connecting people and each other.

    Meanwhile, Troy Baker eats pizza while obsessing over lore and looking for greater meaning in a guy who moves boxes around for a living.

    Your undead mom and your even more undead Momma, who makes ghost knives that stealth kill the egyptian afterlife, try to lead you along the idea that any of this shit matters.

    But, in the end, it was all about the friends you played Death Stranding instead of hanging out with along the way.

    I give Hideo Kijeo a Death out of Stranding.

  2. Since Playstation 5 are sold by scalpers who deserves a slow horrible painful death because Sony too stupid to make sure legit gamers gets a PS5, I will never be able to play the Director's Cut.


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