Creepy Music Box | 30 Minutes of Creepy Music box Medley | Free Download Links

From all the weird, creepy and beautiful music box melodies from inside my head to your ears. This is Creepy vs Beautiful Music Box Album Volume 1
It contains all original music and theme covers of film music i composed.
It took two weeks to composed all the music.

No matter how beautiful the music is, it sounds creepy on music box..

Special thanks to my lovely wife Sonal for baby voice in the song Pari.
Thank you Sonal for your motivation and not giving up on me in spite of all my failure.

If this video gets 500 likes i will release volume 2 🙂

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Free Download All Music From Here ……

1 Good Night

2 Pari

3 Love after death

4 Creepy Children Of The Woods

5 Dark Angel

6 1986 Kalpana

7 The Witch Who Lives Behind Mountains

8 The Bag

9 Tale Of wizard

10 That Mystery Figure

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Creepy Music Box | 30 Minutes of Creepy Music box Medley | Free Download Links

24 thoughts on “Creepy Music Box | 30 Minutes of Creepy Music box Medley | Free Download Links”

  1. There is nothing under the blanket.
    You should be more scared of the demon you became than the one you think is coming for you…

    They are actually too afraid to come closer to us when they realised how evil
    we can be…

    They are actually the angels in disguise while we are the real demons.

  2. Mary’s been like this for years now

    She would come in my room at night..
    “I wanna play”
    She would say.
    “No,leave me alone!”
    I would say,but she won’t leave

    Every night is the same.
    And I’m getting tired of it.

    Mary’s been like this for years now.
    Always sitting in the corner.
    Taunting me.
    Grinning at me.
    Why won’t she leave me alone?

    Why won’t my doll leave me alone?

  3. Hello my brethrens… I hope u live the way u are.. my darkness told me to know the truth that there is no happy in this life full of lie.. and I speak to all of your dark side my brethrens.. love death🖤

  4. My roommates always complain about the house being haunted. I just dont get it. I have lived here for a thousand years and experienced no problems whatsoever. They must be insane. Just like the last ones…


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