10 thoughts on “Caché (2005) Trailer”

  1. This compelling politico-psychological film deeply explores the denial and guilt of George over his past actions, and allegorically, the guilt and denial of French society over their involvement in their occupation of Algeria. The film is very suspenseful and enigmatic, leaving the speculation of the identity of the sender of the tapes up to the viewer. But perhaps the most interesting and unsettling voyeurism of the film is the constant changing of viewpoints. As an audience, we are never sure who’s point of view we are watching the film from – Georges, Majid, the mystery sender of the tapes or classic meta theory – is it indeed Haneke himself? It may be that Haneke is merely using his cinematic prowess to tease and intrigue his audience.

    the movie isnt for children or people with shit taste who are incapable of comprehending and analyzing films


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