22 thoughts on “BEST KID SINGER Auditions 2017 On Got Talent | Got Talent Global”

  1. This young girl amazing voice
    I fell sorry his daddy will not be
    With her when she growing with
    Out loved becuse
    Daddy will be gone and will continue staying with beautiful mama to loved her forevermore
    But voice will carry on growing

  2. I really like celine because her voice is very good, very soft and celine is very beautiful, like her voice is very beautiful, very good, she has very good songs, I like celine and dion. The dion is very beautiful, and the sound of the dion is also very beautiful. Cece and sister are very lovely and very kind. Her voice is very melodious. I like your sister and Cece to have a very beautiful voice and a very soft melodious voice. I really like Celine a lot. I love you. Celine wishes you. Always be successful and stay healthy❤❤❤
    I love you love you


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