Basketball Motivation – Window Of Opportunity

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This video emphasizes the fact that time is bypassing us faster than ever and each day you are getting older and older. That is not a bad thing but in terms of wanting to play basketball at the highest level, you NEED to work harder than every other invidual every day in order to be successful. “There is only one thing more precious than your time on this earth, and that is, what you do with it.”

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  1. I'm 14 right now but I went from always being the last or second to last or being made fun of my because of my shoot. But then I started playing Monday thru Friday just working on my game then I made the school team and got put on bench and that hurt a lot. So i started playing harder and harder than my team meats even though i hated to admit some of them were better than me but but unless you just don't tell your self that your not going to make it anywhere because your just going to keep on thinking your better than everyone and your not going to have that passion or drive to push your self but i did that and now i'm a starter the point of this message is to be humble and have the anger and drive to just push on. And good luck to everyone.

  2. I'm 14 and fell in love with this game two years ago. I practice everyday even so I haven't made the middle school or the freshman team. But there's always a next year 😔

  3. I'm 13 and a half and I'm a power forward like a stretch 4, I decided I want to be a small forward, so I asked my coach what kind of skill am I missing that is keeping me from playing at the three, he said my handles, so I started going to practice an hour and a half early and you know what I did for that hour and a half, dribbling drill no break no nothing, I get to practice and my team is like, why are you sweaty already, I said because I saw you go to practice half an hour early and I'm letting you know, I'm willing to outwork you

  4. Me and my 2 friends love too play basketball 🏀 we want to join the NBA and me I need things like this to help me follow that dream so thanks too the person who made this thank you Basketball for life 🏀🏀🏀🏀🤘🤘🤘

  5. If you read this comment,we need to let you know….That not everything is possible!it's only possible if you make it.But,you need to try hard to make it possible and is you do that,then everything is possible….

  6. Today I woke up and hit the snooze button and I think that I regret that more than not studying for a final exam or anything life gives me a chance and I need to take it and this made see that so thank you a lot and keep making this videos they don't just motivate me they motivate more lots of people and making them see that you got put effort in your life to get what you want, life is not easy but once you have reached that dream you will see that everything was worth it

  7. My goal is to get a college offer for basketball and maybe get in the NBA one day. Everyone says I can't but I try and try to achieve. It's extremely harder in our country which is Australia because basketball is not our countries sport.

  8. At the age of 12 i am playing basketball for about 3 hours a day, but its winter in Croatia and flor is all ice in winter, and i dont want to hurt myself and not play for about 2 weeks (and my dream is to become a basketball player) but i do push ups and sit ups everyday..

  9. Man! I've been waiting ages for another vid. Every time I see a number next to your name i get soo excited and you never disappoint me. This vid is hella good and cant wait for more man.


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