Basic Spanish Vocabulary Series: Colors

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  1. actually, English has more words than Spanish, well any language. English keeps changing, Celeste is in our dictionary too, as a name or there's also, Celestial.

  2. In mexico you dont usually use celeste, it is just a kind of blue, like deep blue, or light blue. if you want to say light blue for example, you can say "azul claro" (claro = light)
    and if you want to say deep blue you can say " azul oscuro" (deep is profundo or oscuro, but you can only use deep as oscuro in colors) and you can say oscuro, or obscuro, its okay both ways

  3. some latin countries use café, like Chile, I think Argentina also and Perú. Some others like Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, etc. use marrón. It´s like the differences you have in english between Australia, England, USA. that´s it…
    marlen de Chile

  4. Nothing further from the truth. The word "marrón" is very commonly used in the Spanish speaking world. Do your research and you will see how widely used it is, even more than "café".
    Thanks for your comment.

  5. Hola, me llamo Pedro y soy de España. You are right. This Sir has a South America accent because the 'C' in Spanish (Spain,Europe) is pronounced like 'TH' and never as the sound 'S'. HOWEVER the 'C' is pronounced as 'K' in 'Casa' (house,home) BUT can also be pronounced as 'TH' as in the word 'sinCero' (honest). Anyways the video is helpful

  6. Thank you i live in Mexico City with my Girlfriend for 4 month almost 5 now and i thank you for the video which are helping me out a lot i hope you have or can get more thank you.


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