Bal Ganesh 2 – Mooshak Becomes Ganesha's Carrier – Tamil Cartoon Mythological Stories

Lord Ganesha fights against Gajamukha Asura to avenge the loss he has caused to humanity. Gajamukha Asura moulds himself into a mouse to escape getting killed by Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha takes pity on him and makes him his carrier. For Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe at Connect with us on: Facebook – … Read more

Return of Hanuman(Tamil) – Full Movie – Hit Animated Movie

Return of Hanuman is a 2007 Indian animated film about an adventure of the Hindu god Hanuman. This film is not a sequel to Hanuman it has an independent storyline. It is a children’s film and has been rated as an Educational Film by the CBFC because it deals with the issue of global warming. … Read more

Bal Ganesh 2 – Kids Tamil Favourite Animation Movie

Bal Ganesh 2 - Kids Tamil Favourite Animation Movie

Bal Ganesh 2 – Tamil Bal Ganesh 2 is the sequel to the successful animated movie Bal Ganesh. This movie takes you through more adventures that traces the childhood of The elephant headed God, Lord Ganesh who is prayed, revered and loved by all. Revisit the childhood of Lord Ganesh who is not only innocent … Read more